Community Service

We help support many causes in our community
Youth Sports Programs
Rick has been a volunteer at Boulder High School and has coached and sponsored many youth sports programs in the community for the last 20 years. North Boulder little League, YMCA basketball, Boulder High Football and Wrestling are a few of the programs we have and will continue to support.

Davis Phinney Foundations for Parkinson’s
The office has fundraised over the last five years to help support Davis Phinney and his Foundation for Parkinson’s disease. Davis was a classmate of Rick’s at Boulder High School back in the 70’s. The foundation focuses on helping Parkinson’s citizens live a full and productive life on a daily basis. Their motto is “every victory counts”. (for more information…)

Don’t Drink and Drive Program
The office has been a sponsor for the “don’t drink and drive” program at some of the local high schools. Rick also goes to local schools to talk about auto insurance and what kids can do to help their situation as youthful drivers.

Youth Soccer Association
Cheryl Campbell and her husband Steve have volunteered and supported local youth soccer programs for the last 5 years. They put in about 250 hours a year in support youths in the area.