Auto Insurance

Driving your car is probably your biggest exposure to injury or a law suit from other parties should you be involved in an accident.

We counsel our clients on coverage in the following areas…

Adequate Limits For Bodily Injury Liability To Others
Property Damage Liability
Adequate Limits For Medical Payments
Comprehensive And Collision Coverage
The pitfalls when renting a vehicle
  • Let’s face it, nobody reads the rental car contract when renting a car.  It’s long, the print is small and the person waiting behind you would become irritated if you took the twenty minutes to understand the legal contract you are about to sign. When you do sign the contract, you agree to the following terms to the right…

    Most insurance companies will give you liability coverage to others and take care of # one above subject to the deductible you carry on your own auto insurance. They will typically not respond to #s 2, 3 and 4. Only Chubb insurance covers rental car coverage under their liability coverage on your auto policy. This means they will take care of all of the scenarios mentioned above with no deductible or out of pocket expenses. This coverage is worldwide as well.
  • When You Sign A Rental Contract

    1. You are financially responsible for any damage that happens to the car you are renting
    2. You agree to pay the rental company the daily rental fee for as long as it takes to get their damaged rental car back in operation
    3. The rental companies costs to have the damage appraised
    4. The diminished value of the rental car when the rental car company returns the previously damaged vehicle back to the manufacturer at the end of the year

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