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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

You never expect your car to be stolen, vandalized, or damaged, but being prepared for what life throws at you can help you save thousands of dollars.

Selecting the right Colorado auto insurance provider is crucial — not only can it protect your vehicle, but it can help you get back on the road quickly when the unexpected happens. In addition, auto insurance can also help you pay for medical and legal expenses associated with an accident involving your vehicle.

Why should I have auto insurance?

Auto insurance allows you to rest easy when it comes to the unknown. The main reason for auto insurance is to ensure that you can cover any damage caused by you and your vehicle in an accident.

Depending on what auto insurance coverage you choose, you’ll also be able to cover damages done to your own car.

Kinds of auto insurance coverage

Most often, auto insurance is grouped into a few different categories including property coverage, liability coverage, and medical coverage.

Property coverage in terms of auto insurance, ensures that you’re covered in case of damage to or theft of your vehicle.

Liability coverage gives you the peace of mind that others will be covered if you cause damage to their health or their property. This coverage pays for property damage caused by you or your vehicle.

Medical coverage covers the cost of injuries or rehab that may follow an accident. This coverage, depending on your policy, can also cover things like lost wages or funerals.

To break it down further, there is also collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Collision insurance comes in handy when you need to pay for damage caused to your vehicle in case of an accident. This kind of insurance keeps you from having to spend out-of-pocket money on repairs. When talking about collision insurance, you’ll likely also hear the term “deductible,” which is the amount of money you’ll pay out-of-pocket before your insurance money becomes available to use.

Comprehensive insurance is used when something happens to you vehicle that isn’t caused by collision. This includes situations like a stolen or vandalized vehicle.

Find the right Colorado insurance policy today

If you’re looking for an auto insurance policy provider in Colorado, contact Rick Baker Insurance today. We provide coverage to residents all across the state of Colorado, and we can’t wait to help you find the right policy, too.

Call Rick Baker Insurance today for more information at 303-444-3334.