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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you own a business that requires the use of a vehicle, it’s extremely important that you opt for commercial auto insurance. This kind of insurance gives you the peace of mind that your company vehicles are protected against damage, driver injury, and more.

Your policy will likely also cover damage to someone else’s property caused by your company vehicle, or injury to someone else.

What does your commercial auto insurance policy cover?

Whether your company vehicle is a car, van, box truck, food truck, pickup truck, or utility truck, you can rest assured that you’re covered with your commercial auto insurance policy.

Your insurance agency will determine the coverage you need depending on your vehicle, and can help put together a policy that gives you the coverage you’re looking for.

As far as policy coverage, you’re protected against:

  • Auto accident liability covers the costs associated with an accident that you caused. That could take the form of repair costs for the other vehicle involved, or even legal expenses if the other party were to sue you.
  • Medical cost coverage help to cover out-of-pocket costs to care for your injuries sustained in the crash. It can also help cover the cost of medical treatment for others who were hurt in your vehicle.
  • Collision coverage helps cover the physical damage done to your company vehicle during a collision.
  • Physical damage coverage covers things like vandalism, hail, a fire, or other physical damage.

Do I need commercial auto insurance?

If you own a business and have company vehicles, most states require that you have commercial auto insurance. It not only protects your employees, but it protects your company from out-of-pocket costs as well.

Turn to Rick Baker Insurance for your commercial auto insurance needs

If you’re looking to insure your commercial vehicles, Rick Baker Insurance can help. Our insurance representatives can help build a custom commercial auto insurance policy to protect your employees and your company vehicles.

To learn more about our custom policies, give Rick Baker Insurance a call at 303-444-3334.