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Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance

As a business, it’s crucial to have a general liability insurance policy.

Did you know that it could only take one accident to turn your business upside down financially? That’s because legal and medical expenses can add up quickly.

You can’t see the future — so it is a smart move for any business owner to opt for general liability insurance.

This kind of policy helps to protect your business from claims that others may file against you — including bodily injury or property damage — when your business is involved in a situation that causes either result.

An effective general liability insurance policy will keep you from paying out of pocket for damage that your business may be legally responsible for.

On this page, we’ll talk more about the kinds of general liability insurance, what it covers, and why you should work with a Colorado general liability insurance agency like Rick Baker Insurance.

What does general liability insurance cover?

It’s important to remember that general liability does not cover first-party damages. This means that a general liability insurance policy won’t protect your property against situations like vandalism, damage, or theft.

However, general liability insurance does cover third-party damages, or damages that another party obtains from your business.

This means if someone makes a claim against your business, whether it be for injury or property damage, it will be covered by your general liability insurance property.

For example, if you own a packaging facility and one of your forklifts damages a vehicle that belongs to the business next door in your parking lot, general liability insurance can help offset out-of-pocket costs.

Get the right general liability insurance coverage from an agency like Rick Baker Insurance

At Rick Baker Insurance, we’ll work with you to create a general liability insurance policy that best fits your needs.

We’ll talk about things like the size of your business, the location of your business, the equipment you use, the number of employees you have, and more.

Our knowledgeable insurance representatives can help explain the coverage involved with each policy to ensure that you’re comfortable with your new policy.

If you’re ready to insure your business with general liability insurance, give Rick Baker Insurance a call at 303-444-3334.