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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Your classic car is one of your prized possessions. Whether it was handed down from generation to generation, or a toy that you’ve always wanted, you should consider insuring it.

Classic cars aren’t cheap — and even though it’s difficult to think about theft or vandalism, you never know when a situation could occur.

If you want to gain peace of mind about your classic car, Rick Baker Insurance can help insure it.

On this page, we’ll go over the different kinds of classic car insurance, what they cover, and how you can benefit from working with a Colorado classic car insurance agency like Rick Baker Insurance.

What does classic car insurance cover?

First, you might be wondering if your typical auto insurance covers your classic car. The answer? Your general auto insurance policy might cover some elements of your vehicle, but it likely won’t cover the whole value if it were to be damaged or vandalized.

However, classic car insurance coverage is very similar to those included with a typical auto insurance policy. Classic car insurance typically includes collision, property damage, bodily injury liability, and comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage can help you cover the costs associated with restoring your classic car after it’s in a collision with another vehicle. You’ll have to meet your deductible before your collision coverage kicks in, though.

Property damage coverage means that you’ll pay less out of pocket if you were to cause damage to another person’s vehicle with your classic car. This coverage would help cover damage done to the other person’s vehicle or property.

Bodily injury liability will help pay for the medical expenses for those involved in an accident with your classic car. This typically insures those who are in your vehicle or in the vehicle you collided with.

Comprehensive coverage helps to restore your classic car if it’s damaged in a situation other than collision. This includes things like a fire, vandalism, theft, falling objects, and more.

Rick Baker Insurance can help you craft a custom classic car insurance policy

If you want to ensure that your classic car is covered, Rick Baker Insurance can help. Just give us a call at 303-444-3334 to speak with a representative to learn more about the policies we offer!