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Valuable Articles Insurance

Valuable Articles Insurance

If you’re looking to protect your most valuable items, including jewelry, furniture, or even medical devices, valuable articles insurance could be just what you need. Valuable articles insurance protects the items on your policy from damage, loss, or theft, and can help relieve the financial burden of replacing them. Not only that, but you can rest assured that your most prized possessions are protected against the unimaginable.

Kinds of valuable articles coverage

There are a few different kinds of valuable articles coverage, but they typically fall into two categories — grouped coverage and itemized coverage.

Grouped coverage is broad protection that covers a variety of items from a variety of situations. This coverage keeps you from having to itemize each and every belonging you want to protect.

Grouped coverage also allows you to add items to your policy without proof of ownership. You also won’t have to get your items appraised — making grouped coverage a great option.

Another benefit of grouped coverage is the typically high coverage limits that come with a low deductible.

Itemized coverage, on the other hand, is a better fit for when you want to protect specific items. This kind of coverage allows you to get your most important items appraised to provide the best protection for them.

This coverage is based on the specific value of each item you’d like to cover, and there is typically no deductible.

Some examples of household items that you may want to protect with itemized coverage include musical instruments, diamond rings, coin collections, high-end clothing or accessories, medical devices, and more.

Do you need valuable articles insurance from a Colorado agency?

If you’re looking for valuable articles insurance to cover your possessions, Rick Baker Insurance can help. Our knowledgeable insurance representatives assist you as you determine what items to cover with your insurance policy, as well as what kind of coverage you need — grouped or itemized.

To learn more about our policies, give us a call at 303-444-3334 and speak with one of our specialists!

Don’t let your most valuable belongings go unprotected!